About Us

We have our name on the door

We are a family-owned company which began as a tannery back in 1917 – over a hundred years ago – run by a team of managers with a long-term perspective and a high degree of corporate citizenship, including fourth generation descendants of the founders.


The long term

We have a long history as a family-owned business, and our dreams go far. We know that for our dreams to come true we have to constantly reinvent ourselves and excel day after day, and we love that challenge.
Corporate citizenship

We fuel a sense of ownership and mutual responsibility at all levels of the business, sharing a common feeling of commitment and personal fulfilment.

We care, we love helping others and each other, with respect and dignity, and we love a good fair fight: these are the bases for building trust and thriving on a mutually rewarding network made up of countless interdependent players.
Safety and social commitment

We look at the business as being much more than just profit and loss: our People, their safety and well-being, and our Community are part of our balance sheet and the world’s best practices are our benchmark.


Venture along our path over time


Origin of the business as a leather tanning industry



Manuel Alves Monteiro and António de Bessa Ribas acquire the business in partnership with Borges & Irmão Bank


The 1950s

The company becomes the recognised leader in the Portuguese leather industry


The 1960s

Diversification into other industries under the leadership of Josué Monteiro and Durval Mena: 

Rubber sheets for the footwear industry, artificial leather, technical rubber parts and flexible packaging

The 1970s

The company becomes one of the 100 biggest companies in Portugal


The 2000s

Decline in the tanning industry, bringing the company close to bankruptcy


The 2010s

Redirection of the company into flexible packaging



Diversification into cardboard packaging


Key Figures


€ 75m

Consolidated turnover



€ 38,5m

5-year accumulated investment


Financial autonomy

€ 2,6m

Taxes paid in 2019

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